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Labtoo is a platform that connects project leaders who need to outsource parts of their R&D with the best European Experts.
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Access directly to biobanks and tumor banks catalogues or develop your cell lines or pluripotent stem cells.

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Identify the best Experts within the Labtoo community to conduct consultancy missions such as scientific, therapeutic or regulatory work.

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Find a service provider for your experimental needs: genomics, proteomics and analytics. Select in vivo and in vitro tests for you Research and pre-clinical projects.

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Labtoo is open to European researchers from the public and private sector.
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If you are a lab, a company or a consultant, you can market your expertise on Labtoo. Become an Expert and deliver scientific services to companies or labs who need to outsource.

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You need an additional experiment to validate your result? Or a specific expertise from a consultant to go forward with your project? You can order services from the Labtoo community online.

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What users think about us
Alice, Head of R&D, Biotech Company

"Labtoo gives the possibility to initiate a test phase with a team with which we want to collaborate. If it works well, we move on to a collaboration. If it doesn't, we contact another lab. We can save a lot of time like that."

Aurélien, Post-Doc, Medical Research

“Thanks to Labtoo, research labs will be able to change the way they finance their research. By performing services for other laboratories, the lab will be able to test new experimental approaches without heavy investment in equipment and by finding the right person in a few clicks!”

Michael, Professor, Lab Head

“We have developed a very specific expertise in my lab, which we have always wanted to share with other researchers. There are ways to sell expertise and perform experiments for other labs nowadays, but with Labtoo we reach another level of simplicity and efficiency. I am in direct contact with the researcher who makes the request, and I can broaden my scientific network.”