Analytical methods for biotechnology R&D and drug development consist of a wide range of technologies that have been adapted to observe, measure and quantify the complexity of life. These methods include mass spectrometry, HPLC chromatography and nuclear magnetic resonance.

Analytical methods are used throughout the R&D process: from the identification of biomarkers to the quality control of a production or an analysis during a clinical study.

191o - Dosage-Metaux-Lourds-min

Absorption & atomic emission

Impurities & heavy metals dosage
6 - MassSpec-min


Biosensor development
51o - Electro Capillaire-min


Differencial scanning calorimetry


Amino acid analysis
Analysis & purification by HPLC
Molecular separation by size
232 - Test insecticide-min


GC-MS environmental samples analysis
DNA Analysis - Environmental samples
Antibacterial, antifongic, antiviral activity
Repellent and insecticide testing
9 - Protein purification-min


Metabolomics by NMR analysis
Structure determination by NMR
Quantitative analysis by NMR
Natural isotopic analysis by NMR
210 - Materiaux-Picturaux-min


Specific surface measurement
Peroxide index measurement
Pictoral materials analysis
Microscale thermophoresis
Inverse gas chromatography
174o - UltraCentrifugation-min

Separative methods

Capillary electrophoresis analysis
Analytical ultracentrifugation
21o - MS-min


Identification by MALDI-ToF
Metabolomics by mass spectrometry
Small molecule identification
Identification & quantification of impurities
Matrix assisted lase desorption ionisation
18o - In silico-min


Protein structural analysis
Biosimilar study
Stability & stress study
Antigens & aluminum hydroxide structure
Proteoliposomes protein/lipid ratio
Batch consistency study
Aluminum-absorbed protein analysis
Molecular structure by X-ray diffraction
Nanoparticle size determination
73o - Interaction-Proteine-Molecule-min

Surface dynamics

Antibody-antigen interaction
Protein-protein interaction
Small molecule-protein interaction
Molecule-lipid interaction
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