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Bioprocess is a set of techniques used for the production of materials from more or less complex biological systems.
These materials range from simple chemical molecules to complex biomolecules such as antibodies or lipopolysaccharides, vesicles or complex structures.
The production is done in bioreactors, of different sizes according to the desired production, in a controlled manner (quality and quantity), and typically involves purification steps.
The major advantage of biomanufacturing is the ability to produce large quantities of complex molecules.

42 - Monoclonal Antibody


Monoclonal antibodies development
Polyclonal antibodies development
Production in ascites or cell culture
Humanization by CDR-grafting
Monoclonal antibody sequencing
Antibody affinity maturation
Antibody development by phage-display
Production in HEK & CHO lines
37.1 -Production-Par-Bacteries-1


Conformational epitope mapping
Active molecules purification & recovery
71 - Anticorps-Antigene


Recombinant production in insect cells
Recombinant production in bacteria
Production in mammalian cells
Recombinant purification from cells
Recombinant production in cell-free
Production condition screening
Synthetic peptides
Recombinant peptides
De novo specific ligands
Versatile vectorization system
19.1 -CultureBioreacteur-2

Quality control

Qualification of HCP quality kits
Validation of anti-HCP antibody
Process-specific HCP ELISA
Specific anti-HCP antibody development
9 - Protein purification-1


Bioreactor production
Antigenic lipopolysaccharides production
Solid-state & liquid-state bioprocessing
Exosome production
Optimization of expression system
In silico modeling of upstream process
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