Genomics services for R&D focus on the study of the genetic code, its regulation, the effects of sequence modifications, and the organisms present in a sample.
Find the right service for your project: NGS and Sanger sequencing, metagenomic and microbiota analyses, genotyping and gene expression by microarray, qPCR, digital PCR (dPCR), molecular biology and cloning, bioinformatics service.

43.1 - VecteurClonage-1


Plasmidic expression vector cloning
Plasmidic expression vector subcloning
Plasmid site-directed mutagenesis
cDNA library construction
Plasmid DNA production
Multigenic expression vector cloning
2.1o - Sequencage-Genome-min

DNA sequencing

Whole genome sequencing
Single cell DNA sequencing
Short sequencing - Sanger
Targeted locus amplification
61 - PCR-Digital-1

Environmental samples

Environmental DNA/RNA detection
5 - Gene Expression-1


Chromatin-IP sequencing
60 - PCR-SonFluoMulti-1

Genes expression

qPCR using dye
qPCR using probes
qPCR using multi probes
Digital PCR - dPCR & ddPCR
qPCR - Signaling pathways & biomarkers
Copy number variation analysis
Rare sequence, contaminants, GMOs
Absolute quantification of DNA & RNA
2 - GeneEditing-min

Genome editing

CRISPR/Cas9: vector preparation
Mammalian cell lines
Animal organisms
Editing efficiency check
seq ADN 2-min


Microbiome sequencing
62o - Microarray-ADN-min


DNA methylation analysis
Polymorphism analysis
9.1o - Sequencage-ARN-CelluleUnique-min

RNA sequencing

Whole exome sequencing
mRNA sequencing
Single cell RNA sequencing
Non coding RNA sequencing
Whole transcriptome sequencing
Custom RNA sequencing
Targeted RNA sequencing
Ribosomal profiling
45.1 - VecteurMutagenese-1

Sample preparation

Nucleic acid extraction
Extract of long-range DNA
3.1 - SequencageCelluleUnique-min

Single molecule visualization

Molecular combing
Optical mapping
Sééquençage Analyse-min

Transgenic genotyping

Automized genotyping
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