Microbiology R&D services

Microbiology services for the development of drugs, antibiotics, antiseptics, or the use of microbiology in bioprocesses cover a wide field of knowledge and expertise.
In bacteriology, rapid diagnostic tests, as well as classical methods adapted to a project, can be proposed.
In virology, the development of antivirals requires tests performed by laboratories specialized in the virus under study: e.g. influenza, HIV, SARS-CoV-2.

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Inhibitory & bactericide concentration
Antimicrobial standard testing
Time-kill kinetics assay
Biofilm eradication assay
Antimicrobial synergy study
Antibiotic resistance testing
Biofilm development inhibition assay
Antibacterial mechanism of action study
Anoxic phenotypic study
Anti-infective treatment evaluation
Antimicrobial target identification
Identification by DNA sequencing
Individuals, population & genetic elements
Ex-vivo porcine lung tissue model
Antimicrobial textile additives testing
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Standard virology testing
Custom virology testing
Lentivirus & retrovirus production
Adenovirus production
Adeno-associated virus production
Antiviral effect on norovirus model
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