Becoming an Expert


To carry out research projects, one must reach out and make use of more and more different skills and expertise.

Identifying Experts capable of carrying out a project can be challenging. Concurrently, funding in Research is decreasing and it has now become necessary to uncover new sources of income.

That is why we created Labtoo, the European marketplace for R&D, which allows all actors in Research to order or offer scientific experiments.

By becoming an Expert on Labtoo, you highlight your competencies within the Research community.

Hence, you will gain access to a new source of income and participate in accelerating Research.





Sign up on Labtoo for free and list your competencies with the help of questionnaires.

This way your competencies will be highlighted to the Research community.

Your expertise is not listed yet? We can create it for you. Just get in touch through the form here.


Once the service is done, you will send the deliverables to the company or lab who has made the request.

The payment will be sent directly through the platform thanks to our payment partner MangoPay. 

Once your expertise is added to your profil on Labtoo, you will receive requests from companies or labs.

These requests will match precisely your listed competencies and you have the possiblity to discuss with the requester directly on the platform

You will have 48 hours to accept or decline the request.




Any question? Feel free to reach out here!