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Bioinformatics is a field of research between biology and informatics. The purpose of bioinformatics analyses is to produce new knowledge on the functioning of living organisms cells, their evolution, their healthy or pathological state...

It was in the 2000s, thanks to the automation of sequencing techniques (Sanger, NGS) and mass spectrometry, that bioinformatics became essential in scientific strategies. There are 4 fields of application of bioinformatics:

  • Sequence Bioinformatics

  • Bioinformatics of networks

  • Bioinformatics of structures

  • Biostatistics


Labtoo references different platforms in bioinformatics in order to offer you the best Experts for the analysis of your data.

Sequencing analysisNGS Sequencing

Among the Bioinformatics Expertises offered, you have the possibility to carry out sequencing analyses. NGS sequences of different types (RNA-seq, WES, WGS, WGS, Chip-Seq, RAD-Seq) can be analyzed, and a large number of analytical tools can be selected, from alignment, ontology, to different combinatorial analyses.


Data analysis

The analysis of the results is a central and critical step in an experiment. Therefore, the Analysis of mass spectrometry data is essential and can be done using various bioinformatic tools.

In addition, with the development of new microscopy methods and the increasing amount of data collected, providing a result from data requires the use of new tools. Microscopy data can be analyzed according to the needs of the study and the services can lead to the modelling of observations by computer processing.



Biostatistics is a scientific field consisting of the application of statistical science to biology and medicine.

Analyze your Biological and/or clinical data from ecological, biological, biochemical, environmental, clinical or pre-clinical studies. The analysis can be done on qualitative or quantitative data, using as many variables as the study requires.

Biostatistic data Analysis




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