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Consulting Expertise

Consulting expertise gives access to a wide range of expertise in different scientific, technological, regulatory and other fields related to biotechnology R&D.

Once the experts have been identified, it is possible to validate with them the relevance of their expertise for the current project. The terms of confidentiality have been validated beforehand by the experts.

 This service offers expertise in: 

financing innovation   Technological and experimental   strategy and business development  
Financing Innovation   Technological & Experimental   Strategy & Business Development  
  regulatory affairs   therapeutic and clinical   industrial property
  Regulatory affairs   Therapeutic & Cinical   Industrial Property

The missions? 

  • It can be technical or technological support throughout your projects to help you establish an R&D strategy tailored to your project.
  • It can also be missions ranging from target analysis (diseases, therapies, ...), through the choice of the model or the most relevant models, to the analysis of the results and their interpretations.
  • It can be advice and validation of a commercial strategy or product launch.
  • Requests can be made for short, medium or long term missions and the terms of confidentiality will have been validated beforehand by the experts.

Consultant status? 

  • The status of self-entrepreneur is a simplified scheme of the individual enterprise. It makes it easier to create a for-profit company by taking advantage of simplified administrative procedures and tax and social procedures.
  • The status of Academic Researcher may allow in some cases to carry out consulting missions to private laboratories (subject to validation by guardianship and / or employers).

To learn more about (in French):

Portail auto-entrepreneur

Passerelles Public-Privé : la consultance



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