Expertise in microbiological analysis and assay


Microbiology studies the physiology, genetics and interactions of microorganisms with each other and with their environment. The understanding of these mechanisms is based on different microbiological analyses and tests, Labtoo offers you the best microbiological expertise for your projects.


Antimicrobial efficacy tests

Microbiological analysis and assay

You can determine the minimum inhibitory concentration of your compounds over a defined incubation period. This concentration is the smallest concentration that inhibits any visible culture of a bacterial strain.

In addition to concentration, you can obtain the time required by a molecule to kill a given microorganism through a kinetic test of antimicrobial efficacy .

Since microorganisms are known to develop resistance, it is possible to carry out an antibiotic resistance test to determine the concentration from which the microorganism is resistant in the second or third inoculation.



Biofilms are a population of microorganisms in contact with a surface. Most of them are beneficial but bacterial biofilms can sometimes cause nosocomial infections. Biofilms have a protective role against the immune system and increase the resistance of microorganisms to antibiotics. You have the possibility to measure biofilm formation inhibition and a minimum biofilm eradication concentration test (MBEC). The MBEC test quantifies the ability of antimicrobial molecules to penetrate and destroy a microbial biofilm.

Viral production

Labtoo also allows you to do virology analyses. You have the possibility to make viral productions of adenoviruses , lentiviruses, retroviruses and adeno-associated viruses . It is also possible to perform titrations from an expression vector or a previous viral preparation.

Labtoo also offers to evaluate the antiviral efficacy on the Norovirus model, a virus responsible for intestinal infection and only manipulable in the L3 laboratory.




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