Is subscribing to the platform free ?


Subscribing as an Expert or a project leader is completely free. The only fee applied is during the order of a service, where a commission up to 15% will be charged off the cost (excluding taxes).


                                                                                                                                                                                                           Who are the Experts ?



The Experts are researchers from public or private labs, some of them are freelancers.




How are the Experts selected ?


When an Expert signs up on the platform, we plan a phone call with him to discuss his expertise field, his skills… We make sure our Experts answer to chriteria such as being affiliated to a juridistical structure, having the permission to commit the lab to service delivery and having already done service delivery before.



I am affiliated to an academic lab, how do I proceed ?



Academic labs used to offering service delivery for external clients can offer their services on Labtoo. In case of such demand, a cost estimation will be filled out by the lab Expert according to the usual conditions. It is necessary to contact your tutelage organism before referencing your expertise on Labtoo. We can help you during the process via our contact form.



My expertise is not on Labtoo, how can I add it ?


Labtoo adds new expertise as the Experts demand it. If, while adding you expertise, you don’t find one matching yours, you can fill in our contact form. Our team will be in charge of adding your expertise to the platform.



Where can I find the expertise I added on the platform ?



When you log in on Labtoo, go to your “dashboard” then Expert and in expertise. You will find the expertise you added and will be able to modify them.




How does the matching process opperate ?


The matching with the Expert is allowed by an algorithm developed by Labtoo. By answering a questionnaire during the service selection, you enable the algorithm to suggest you the most accurate Expert for your needs.



How is the cost calculated ?



The cost of the service is determined after discussion with the Expert. Included in the price are : the reagents, the equipment and other purchases necessary for the service. In addition, Labtoo can sometimes offer a cost for a service, for information purposes only – in this case the cost will be aligned to the market price.

For counsel services, the cost is established depending on the length, the seniority of the Expert and the kind of expertise required.




What are the payment methods ?


The payment is done either by bank transfer, either by credit card directly on the Labtoo platform. One only payment comprising the service cost and the comission is needed. The client will receive two receipts : one from the Expert, the other from Labtoo.





Why do I need to fill out my ID information ?



We use a secured payment system (MangoPay). As part of their “Know your clients” policy, MangoPay needs these information (date of birth, nationality…) especially to avoid fraud or terrorism financing.



How do you insure exchange confidentiality and conflict of interest management ?


Every user of Labtoo conforms to the terms and regulations which comprise exchange confidentiality, management of intellectual property and the regulation applicable in France on the protection of personal data, notably Regulation UE 2016/679 of april 27th 2016 as well as law n°76-18 of jenuary 6th 1978.