Preclinical studies and trials

Preclinical studies provide the first knowledge of the behaviour of a drug candidate. Pre-clinical tests evaluate the activity and therapeutic effect of a substance in animal and/or cellular models in the laboratory.

During this phase, the drug candidate is studied and qualified pharmacologically, pharmacokinetically through ADME and toxicologically.

Animal models used in preclinical research include mice, zebrafish and fruit fly.

In order to better understand pathologies and identify new therapies, samples of human tissues, fluids or cells are used in preclinical studies. These biological resources are stored in biobanks.

Labtoo offers you various services in preclinical research.

Animal models

Animal experimentation in accordance with the 3R offers an innovative and highly informative study model at an advantageous cost. The animal model makes it possible to study the different toxicities (neurotoxicity, cardiotoxicity, hepatotoxicity,...), the pharmacodynamics of a drug, to identify and validate the targets of a route of interest, etc

You have the possibility to carry out POC (proof of concept) studies on animal models by ordering a number of in vivo imaging tests, physiological analysis tests and cognitive, behavioural and psychiatric tests as defined in a protocol. Animal models can easily be identified, and the Experts provide a description of the observations obtained. The classification of conditions is done according to the DCI.

The animal models used have an existing, innate or induced disease or condition similar to a human condition. These models include the PDX models, (Patient-Derived Xenograft PDX) which correspond to tumor models established from the cancerous tissue of patients (solid tumors) or cellular samples (hematological diseases) implanted in immunodeficient mice.

Preclinical animal research is carried out in compliance with ethics and regulations

Cell Models

POC studies are also carried out on cellular models. Among these models, stem cells and in particular IPS have recently generated a large number of disease model lines, such as cardiovascular disease or autism models. The classification of conditions is done according to the DCI.

You have the possibility to perform tests on these models such as testing the inhibitory potential of molecules at immune control points.



Labtoo references platforms such as CRBs whose mission is to collect, store and make available biological samples in compliance with regulations. Our experts have the possibility to prepare samples for study, for example samples from tumours.

Pharmacokinetics: ADME in vitro

ADME studies are essential in the drug discovery phase. On Labtoo, you have the possibility to carry out an ADME study of your molecule. Identify the metabolites of your drug candidate, activated enzyme pathways, in vivo degradation, etc.

You also have the possibility to carry out a toxicology test (cytotoxicity, genotoxicity, cardiotoxicity,...) and see the related mechanisms.





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