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Proteins are the basis of all living beings. The proteome is a dynamic and complex entity. Indeed, within each cell, the protein content is constantly modified according to intra or extracellular conditions. The study of proteins is therefore a major challenge for humans and is based on various tests.

Development and production of antibodies

There are two types of antibodies:

Monoclonal antibodies, which are widely used in biology and medicine, both as diagnostic tools and for therapeutic purposes.

Monoclonal antibody production can be achieved in three ways: in an animal (ascites production), in cell culture or in phage display. The production of these antibodies requires a first step of rapid and targeted sequencing of the DNA sequence expressing the antibody.

On the other hand, polyclonal antibodies can be used for molecular biology experiments. The advantages of producing polyclonal antibodies are the shorter production time and heterogeneity of the antibodies.

The last step in the production of antibodies is affinity maturation, which is done by phage display.

In addition, it is possible to humanize monoclonal antibodies by CDR Grafting.


Protein production and purification

Recombinant peptides


Ex-vivo (cell-free) protein expression systems optimize yields when membrane proteins or proteins with low solubility are produced.

It is then possible to order a service for the production, insertion, purification and analysis of soluble or transmembrane proteins in cell-free.

Proteins can be expressed in insect cells, by bacteria, in Mamminferous cells or from cells or lysate. Protein expression may require optimization to achieve the best results (testing several expression systems, testing different expression conditions,...) so you have the possibility to select many expression conditions for proteins of interest.

You also have the possibility to produce recombinant peptides or proteins as well as synthetic peptides.


Protein analysis

The structure of a protein has a direct role in the function of the protein, which is why structural analysis is essential.

Labtoo offers crystallography services. Our Experts will screen and determine the best conditions for crystallisation, using different strategies such as sparse matrix or grid screening. It is possible to ask an expert to generate large quantities of crystals of proteins of interest, in order to determine their structure by X-ray.

You also have the possibility to search for post-translational changes such as the presence of ubiquitination


  • Interaction analysis

On Labtoo, Experts can analyse and measure the interaction kinetics between an antibody and its potential antigen, between protein and protein and between small molecule and protein.

The surface plasma resonance technique (SPR) is a very powerful technique that allows the characterization of interactions (ka, kd KD) between two molecules.


Among the immunological tests, Labtoo offers services in western blot, a technique widely used to determine the presence and quantity of a target protein in a sample. You also have the possibility to perform immunoprecipitations, very sensitive and specific methods that allow you to enrich a protein of interest with a complex sample.

In addition, you have the possibility to perform ELISA Tests as well as Multiplex ELISA and Quanterix analysis which are variants of the ELISA test.

In the case where the same targets are systematically analysed by ELISA, it may be interesting to develop your own ELISA kit. An expert can create an ELISA kit that takes into account specific needs in terms of strategy, detection method and desired quantity.





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