Screening and Drug Design Development


Drug design and development


Drug design refers to all the processes required to develop a drug. The main steps in the design of a drug are the research phase, the development phase, the clinical phase and the marketing phase.

Concerning the research phase, different approaches are used, among which we can name high throughput screening.

Labtoo offers you services for each stage of drug design development, from molecular screening to galenic formulation.


High throughput screening

The purpose of cell screening is to identify, among a large number of natural or synthetic molecules, those with interesting activity at the cell level. High throughput screening (HTS) is an innovative technology for the evaluation of compounds intended to become future drugs.

Screening can also be done using cell culture plates.

Finally, it is also possible to carry out antiviral screening, based on different viral models. This high content screening (HCS) is applicable to the discovery of molecules with antiviral activity in human and animal health.

The screening provides a test situation that must be robust and functional.

Functional tests

The tests proposed by Labtoo are FRET and HTRF. These techniques are used for biochemical and cellular tests in multiple research fields such as the study of GPCRs, phosphorylation pathways, etc.

You then have the possibility to perform functional cellular tests, which allow you to profile compounds by looking at their impact on defined targets.

The models can have several reading modes, depending on the case (i.e. fluorescence, luminescence, etc.). Other validations are possible, depending on the suppliers.

Formulation and galenic development

Formulation is a critical step in drug development. The specific development of a formulation requires a great deal of expertise to propose the solution best adapted to the nature of the pharmaceutical ingredients candidates, their therapeutic target and the route of administration envisaged.

A feasibility study makes it possible to design and select the most appropriate formulation.

After the feasibility study, the characterisation of the selected formulation allows to test the formulated active molecule. The first production steps are also proposed by Labtoo, allowing the generation of first pre-clinical batches for product evaluation in animal models.

Other drug design services

In addition, it is also offering you other drug design services on Labtoo. These include the synthesis of custom molecules (from publications or structures, in different quantities and purity levels), the preparation of chemical libraries or the design of in silico molecules which is very widely used to determine and virtually test small molecules, nucleic acids, peptides, proteins,...

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