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Compund Library, Organic Synthesis & In Silico Modeling

Compound Library Preparation​

  Compound library preparation    

A compound library is a collection of molecules that have been formatted, standardized et made readily available. These molecules are synthetic products or natural extracts. This service includes the preparation of the samples in dry or in solution, as well as in silico selection optimization if required.

Custom Molecule Synthesis​

Custom molecule synthesis     This service includes the synthesis of custom molecules, from structure or from publications, in different amount and levels of purity. The number of steps required for the synthesis of the molecule is a critical information, and can be determined by the Experts through this listing.

In Silico Model

In silico model     Computer-aided molecule design is widely used to design and virtually test small molecules, nucleic acids, peptides & proteins, transmembrane systems, etc. based on target or based on ligand. In this service, you can get access to experts in in silico hit discovery, lead optimization, repositioning and mechanism of action discovery.

High Troughput Screening & High Content Screening​

Assay Development & HTS - HCS Screening​

Assay development and HTS - HCS Screening     High content screening (HCS) or high throughput screening (HTS) designates a set of techniques aiming at studying and identifying within compound and target libraries molecules with new properties and that are biologically active.
In this service, either setting up a HCS or a HTS can be selected.

Cell Culture Screening Plate Preparation​

Cell culture screening plate     In vitro models have reached limits that can be overcome by using new generation of culture plates. Controlling the cell micro-environment using micropatterning, confinement or microchannels allows cells in culture to behave more closely to organs in living organisms.

Antiviral Screening

Antiviral screening     Using different viral models, this high content screening (HCS) is suitable for antiviral property discovery in human and animal health, and gives results in weeks instead of months. Additional measurements can be selected, such as the determination of oncolytic potential, viral inactivation, attachment, penetration, replication, cell to cell spread.


FRET & HTRF Assays

FRET and HTRF Assays     FRET ad HTFR tests are biochimical or cellular assays, applied to research domains such as GPCR studies, phosphorylation pathway analysis, cytokine studies, or immune checkpoint.

Functional Cell-Based Assays​

functionnal cell based assays     Functional cell models make possible the profiling of compounds by looking at their impact on chosen targets. This includes either the transfer of the model or the testing and profiling of compounds. The models can have different types of readouts (i.e. fluorescence, luminescence, etc.). Other validation is possible upon request.

Formulation development

Formulation: Feasibility Study

Formulation : feasibility study     Formulation is a critical step in the development of a new drug. Specific development of a formulation requires a strong expertise in order to propose the best solution that fits the nature of the candidate ingredients, the therapeutic target and the expected administration path of the drug. A feasibility study will design and select the formulation method that is the most appropriate.

Formulation: Characterisation & Production

Formulation : characterisation and production     Once the feasibility study is done, the characterisation of the formulation includes the testing of the formulated active molecule in selected conditions. First production steps can also be proposed. Those steps will lead to the production of the first batches for pre-clinical testings in animal models.


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