Accelerate the R&D projects of the best research teams!

This is the purpose of our work at Labtoo.

At Labtoo, we give a lot of respect to the women and the men that thrive every day to change the world. Those people are our customers, and it is an honor to work together on solutions with them.

As much as we can, and for as long as it takes, we will continue to provide support for connecting R&D leaders with the right sources and the right experts, because it is a matter of time.

About us
Our story

Our story

Founded in 2017 by a team of scientists, Labtoo started as a digital marketplace. As scientists, we all know how dependent we are on the community, and how we need each other to move forward.

The objective was, and is still, to provide support to R&D projects by facilitating the search for service providers. Building up an extensive network of academic and private service providers, polished over the years, and understanding what made each of them unique, we are able to come up with solutions that are most fitted to our client's demands.

Today the objective is the same but the method evolved...

During the pandemic, we started to provide direct access to service companies (CRO) and research laboratories that have skills and wish to be involved in the fight against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. We also diversified our services with biological specimen procurement.

These services have been proven useful to our customers, and today, we handle all our projects internally, through our team of Scientists. 

Our vision

The creation of new drugs is a long process from the research phase up to the clinical stage. 

With solutions like we provide at Labtoo, we can save precious days, weeks, or even months before the new drug hit the market. 

As for the pieces in a puzzle, Labtoo focuses on bringing these pieces together. Let's accelerate R&D projects! 

Our vision 1
Our business model

Our business model

As a service company, we adapt to our customer's needs: is it an experimental request or a sample sourcing request? Is it isolated or recurring? Does it involve multiple service providers or just a single one? 

Ask our team for a quotation for our support and discuss the multiple options. 

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