R&D Experimental Services: COVID-19 Diagnostics Assay Development

As the SARS-CoV-2 virus can easily spread from one person to another, in vitro diagnostics kits for COVID-19 detection are used to slow down and avoid contamination of patients. Therefore, due to the very high incidence of the disease, a very large number of kits are required and many suppliers are developing their own.

Developing a COVID-19 IVD assay requires a full set of reagents, including antibodies, positive and negative samples, and diagnostic kit validation methodologies like comparative studies including specificity and efficacy. A high-security BSL-3 laboratory can be required and not all suppliers can perform the development internally.

 This is why Labtoo developed a tailor-made service to support Labs, Biotechs, Medtech, and Pharma companies in their SARS-CoV-2 diagnostics assays development programs.

Labtoo can support biotechs and medtechs for the development of new COVID-19 tests. We work with a large international network of laboratories and service companies to provide the largest options for your project: human biological samples, antibodies, and performance testing.

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What is included in our services?

Our team will handle your R&D service management from the beginning to the end

Perform a pofeasibility study by looking for existing expertise available within the network of partners

Set up a study protocol, financial quotation and preparing contracts with lab partners

Implement the study plan into a schedule, collect all needed materials and reagents and execute the service

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