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Outsourcing your R&D project with Labtoo

The life cycle of drug development is extremely long and tedious: it has to undergo many complex and regulated phases in order to ensure its safety, efficacy, and quality for the patients. Pharmaceutical and biotech companies are facing increasing challenges and must identify solutions to respond to these new problems. 

Lately, biotechnology companies tend to outsource their R&D projects and thus have included the use of service providers in their financial models for several reasons. On one hand, biotech companies have often limited financial resources as well as they do not have systematically the technological resources to perform all their projects in-house. Time is also a critical issue in the survival of a small company. Relaying steps of your studies to a specialized R&D services provider able to rapidly achieve a project could be therefore a wise choice.

This is why Labtoo developed a unique solution to support Labs, Biotechs, Medtechs, and Pharmaceutical companies in their R&D outsourcing management


Our Experimental Services for Research and Development in Biotechnologies


We are specialized in tailor-made projects for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

Select your options and start building your project.

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Analytical methods

A wide range of technologies that have been adapted to observe, measure and quantify the complexity of life


Bioprocess is a set of techniques used for the production of biological materials such as antibodies or proteins

Cell & tissue imaging

Imaging techniques like microscopy, histology and microfluidics adapted to biology have been developed to make visual interpretations

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Services related to the synthesis, the optimization and the testing at the molecular level


NGS and Sanger sequencing, metagenomic and microbiota analyses, genotyping and gene expression by microarray, qPCR, digital PCR, cloning, bioinformatics

In vitro, Ex vivo & Cells

In vitro testing and the use of cell lines are essential in R&D. A wide range of in vitro and ex vivo tests, as well as engineering and culture of cell lines.

In vivo & ADME

The development of new drugs requires the integration of a large number of experiments including using biochemical, in silico, in vitro, ex vivo, or in vivo models.


Bioinformatics and biostatistics make it possible to extract the maximum amount of information from biological and medical data in large amount.


Services for the development of drugs, antibiotics, antiseptics, or the use of microbiology


Proteomics services cover a wide spectrum of analyses of proteins and peptides present in a sample

What is included in our services?

Our team will handle your R&D service management from the beginning to the end

Perform a feasibility study by looking for existing expertise available within the network of partners

Set up a study protocole, financial quotation and preparing contracts with lab partners

Implement the study plan into a schedule, collect all needed materials and reagents and execute the service

Do you need more information about our experimental services?

How are the service providers selected?

At Labtoo, we have built a network of 500 service providers from academia, hospitals and private companies. 
We are very closely with our customers to understand exactly what is needed: is it a strong expertise on a scientific domain, or a technological requirement, or a little bit of both.
We have developed a unique method to qualify and select the best partner for each project
During the feasibility study that we carry out with our customers, we will ask a series of questions that will allow us to move forward in full confidence.

Selecting the right structure type

When looking for a CRO, there are several choices: generalist or specialized CRO, small or large structure, well-known or not... While a large CRO recognized internationally instills confidence and allows more flexibility, small and medium-sized CROs in France or Europe offer a tailor-made and highly specialized service (cancerology, neurology, cardiology, etc.) that may be more relevant to your project. Moreover, size and quality are not always correlated. 

Defining a budget 

Even if a low price is an important criterion, it should not be the major one. If a services provider seems more relevant and more competent, although more expensive, it may be worthwhile to concede to a more substantial investment, which may protect further from additional costs (due to deadlines issues, or even a change of services provider during the study).

Rely on trust... or on a previous experience!

Delays in the preclinical phases can be extremely damaging to small structures and may even jeopardize their survival. Therefore, all R&D providers must be considered trustworthy partners. When presenting the project, he must be critical of the provided elements and challenge the protocol that you are submitting to him. Good advice will save time and thus money, and a realistic time frame and a presentation of the risks involved are must-haves. And of course, getting insights from a preliminary experience is likely to help to choose.

Experience, certifications, and regulatory compliance

Depending on the stage of the project, certifications and compliance with processes might be required. It is mandatory to acquire good practices as soon as possible in the drug development process.
Blood diseases
Infectious & Parasitic
Endocrine & metabolic
Central nervous system (CNS)
Vision & Hearing
Urological & Genital
Heart & Vascular

Disease areas for experimental models


We are specialized in tailor-made projects for the pharmaceutical industry.

Select your options and start building your project.

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