Interview: Guillaume Leboucher, co-founder of Labtoo, interviewed by Sorbonne University 

May 28th, 2020, by Labtoo's team

Fascinated by biology, Guillaume Leboucher, co-founder of Labtoo, has discovered the pharmaceutical world thanks to his supervisor of his Master's degree in Pharmacology of ageing at Sorbonne University. He explains in the following video the COVID-19 initiative by Labtoo.


Summary of the interview

Developing a drug is a long and expensive process and can be a brake to innovation. Guillaume Leboucher has co-founded Labtoo, an accelerator of R&D, in order to link more efficiently all R&D stakeholders.

The COVID-19 has strongly impacted the biotech ecosystem as evidenced by a recent survey conducted by Labtoo. Our platform has rapidly evolved with this sanitary crisis, by referencing many research projects on COVID-19 and who amÂong the research community was able to work on those projects.

This platform dedicated to the coronavirus issue is still operating to this day, and Labtoo has supported a dozen of research projects against the COVID-19 so far.



The opinion of Arnaud Magnin, Director of Almuni relations of Sorbonne University

"The alumni of Sorbonne University also fight against the COVID-19! Guillaume Leboucher explains here how his start-up Labtoo has adapted its platform to help research projects dedicated to the fight against the coronavirus. We are proud to have such innovative, supportive and mobilized alumni in response to the pandemic issues!"


About Guillaume Leboucher

After graduating in Biochemistry at Sorbonne Université, Guillaume Leboucher flies to the United States to pursue a Ph.D. at the National Institutes of Health. After a professional experience in the private sector, he launches the start-up Labtoo in order to connect more easily R&D stakeholders and to accelerate biotechnological innovations.

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