Respecting the study plan 

November 09th, 2021, by Labtoo's team

In this article, we'll go over delays and their solutions. When we outsource, we control the information we provide.
What we don't control is everything else. It all affects the timely completion of the project.


Here are some tips for sticking to a set timeline during an R&D project

  • ask for a study plan. Simple enough, the study plan with dates will become the reference and is not always implemented.

  • validate that all reagents will be available. Typical lack of synchronization with important consequences on delays. An easy improvement to implement.

  • use digital project management tools. Plus: facilitates communication and keeps the schedule on track. Minuses: which tool to use and requires a time investment at the beginning.

  • plan for extended time frames. Biology R&D is unpredictable: cells, instruments, personnel, pandemic, etc... the risk of delay is very high. CROs may be optimistic about timelines (not all) because they may fear losing a study. So double-check the deadlines and you will have a pleasant surprise.


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