Using technological innovations 

December 12th, 2021, by Labtoo's team

Technological innovations are usually adopted first by university laboratories before private laboratories.


Why is this the case?

  1. Biotechnology has to overcome the risk of introducing new technology into a project.
  2. The cost of adopting new technology can be quite high, for instruments, learning time, and reagents). Even though biotechs are built on managing heavy investments throughout their existence.


So what are the solutions for biotechs to understand and adopt new technology?

  1. Use a CRO or a service lab, it will give you the fastest and cheapest access.
  2. Remove mental barriers to using alternative models, such as ex vivo instead of in vivo.
  3. Be prepared to defend a technology you believe to your investors and partners
  4. Conduct benchmarking studies on a small set
  5. Get information at conferences or by talking to salespeople


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