The team

Labtoo is a French startup founded by Guillaume Leboucher and Sophie Hue.
It is the European marketplace for R&D.
Labtoo was created after two observations made from the world of Research. First, the necessary expertise to carry out a research project has significantly increased and it can be a challenge to identify Experts who have the right competencies. Second, funding allocated to research is long and difficult to obtain. It is necessary to diversify sources of income and the visibility of researchers expertise within the Research community.
Labtoo's goal is to accelerate research by creating a smart plateform gatehring the best scientific experts. A platform on which you can order experimental or consulting services in a few clicks.



Guillaume LEBOUCHER, PhD, co-founder

After graduating in Biochemistry from the Pierre et Marie University in Paris, Guillaume flew to the United States to do his PhD at the NIH (National Institutes of Health). It is during his PhD that he started thinking about a solution that would make exchanges between researchers easier. After his PhD, he came back to Paris to work for Bio-Rad in sales and marketing. He created Labtoo in 2017.


Sophie HUE, co-founder

Sophie started as a project manager for a French software company called Murex for 4 years. She then moved to London to work for Invest in France, a French governmental agency promoting foreing investment in France. She returned to Paris and continued working for now-called Business France agency and was in charge of the international promotion of "La French Tech", the brand that represents the French startup ecosystem. She joined Guillaume to found Labtoo in 2017.




Lahoucine ZEMOUGUE, Scientific content

Graduated from an MSc at Paris Sorbonne University. Lahoucine is in charge of the scientific content on the platform and the integration of expertise with researchers. 

Previous experiences: iGem 2018, Start'In ESS Program

Zinebe HADJI, Marketing and communication 

Student in Master of Innovation Management with a background in Life Sciences, Zinebe is in charge of marketing and communication at Labtoo.

Previous experiences : iGem 2016, SANOFI


Maëlys LEBOT, Business development

Maëlys holds a Master in Biotechnology and Management at Ionis-STM, she is in charge of business development for th biotech and pharma sector at Labtoo.

Previous experiences  : CiToxlab




Pr Michael Glickman

Vice-dean of the Faculty of Biology

Technion – Israel Institute of Technology


Nicole Chémali

Director of Communication



Stéphane Barges

Vice President



Pr Michèle Reboud-Ravaux


Paris Sorbonne University


Jacques Collin

Business Angel



Dominique Wencker


Dominique Dutscher


Evgenyi Pyshmintsev