Evaluation of the mode of action & target identification of an antimicrobial compound

90f - NGS

Service description

It is a methodology used for evaluating the novelty of the mechanism of action of an antimicrobial with an unknown target. To do this, the signature metabolomic of the new antimicrobial is compared with a base of metabolomic signatures of antimicrobials with known mechanisms of action. The further away the new antimicrobial signature from those of the base antimicrobials, the more likely it is to function with a new (but still unknown at this stage) mechanism of action. This makes it possible to select more innovative antimicrobials, addressing the resistance issue, without having to identify the mechanism of action which is a long and costly process. The methodology combines NMR, MS, bioinformatics and biostatistics technologies.

Materials to provide

  • Information regarding the required tests

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Typical deliverables

  • Study following the specifications validated with the Expert

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