Fluorescent microscopy analysis

7 - Microscopy

Service description

The "fluorescence microscope" refers to any microscope that uses fluorescence to generate an image. In this case, a simple set up is using epifluorescence to generate images, with a combination of filters and dichroic mirror. Generated picture typically have a low signal-to-noise ratio, and thus epifluorescence microscopy is the method of choice for most microscopy analysis in life sciences. Specific needs in terms of treatment, data collected, etc. can be specified to generate a full experimental observation.

Materials to provide

  • Cell growth conditions
  • Any specific treatment material (plasmid, cell line, compound)

    Further details on the project may be requested.

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Typical deliverables

  • Culture of cells
  • Treatment and transfection of cells
  • Immunostaining
  • Imaging of the cells
  • Live-cell imaging
  • High resolution pictures
  • Study following the specifications validated with the Expert

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