Inverse gas chromatography analysis

Gas chromatography

Service description

Inverse gas chromatography (IGC), which allows the measurement of surface properties of solids (powders, polymers, fibres, pigments, carbons, mineral oxides, API, excipients, etc.). This technique allows for example to compare batches (quality control), but also to study the influence of ageing, the effect of grinding, the effect of surface treatment (chemical, thermal, coating) or to follow the evolution of the surface according to storage conditions.

Materials to provide

  • Samples
  • Security data sheets
  • Information such as BET surface and grain size should be provided (if known

    Further details on the project may be requested.

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Typical deliverables

  • Full expert report
  • Presentation of the results
  • Personalized follow-up after the service in case of questions from the client and follow up on their needs in terms of new or additional analysis requirements

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