What are the R&D outsourcing contracts 

October 26th, 2021, by Labtoo's team

Overview of the different outsourcing contracts


Confidentiality Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

A confidentiality agreement protects sensitive information from being released or disclosed. This type of agreement is often used to protect a company's intellectual property or information about its activities.


Service Agreement

A standard contract defining the service, funding, commitments, and future of the intellectual property generated.


Collaboration Contract

A more complex contract allows for broader terms: sharing of intellectual property, finances and human resources, milestones, etc.
Guillaume quote
The first level of contract. If the study is simple enough, a quotation can be sufficient on its own.


Master Services Agreement (MSA)

Useful for multiple instances of services performed by the same laboratory, the objective is to simplify future exchanges.


Study plan

Necessary in case of complex studies to agree on the schedule, means, steps, and information needed for the study. Good reference document when things don't go smoothly...


The deliverable of a service leading to data generation.


Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)

A topic in its own right, the MTA governs the sending, receiving and use of chemical and biological products.


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