Cell Culture Services

Cell culture techniques are essential in the development of biotechnology products: because cell culture tests are often the simplest to set up and because there are many different tests: proliferation, migration, viability, inflammation, apoptosis.
Three main types of cells are used for in vitro testing: immortalized cell lines (a cell that has escaped senescence), primary cell lines (derived directly from an organism, with as few passages as possible), induced pluripotent cells (dedifferentiated stem cells from cultures).
Ex vivo tests, i.e., performed on tissue samples directly from the organism, give a picture closer to biological reality.

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Ex vivo

Assays on skin explants
Tests on intestinal & hepatic explants
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In vitro assays

Cell migration & invasion
Cell proliferation
Cell viability
Cell adhesion
Cell apoptosis
Oxidative stress & ROS detection
Calcium flux analysis
3D cell migration & invasion
Insuline secretion
3D cell culture
Cell culture custom assay
Radiolabelled protein expression
Immune response
Tissue damage & immune response
Intestinal epithelium model
Inhibitory action on skin pigmentation
Adipogenesis & lipolyse activation
Antioxydant effect of compounds
Anti-inflammatory affect assay
Chemoresponse & chemoresistance
Cardiac contraction model
Extracellular vesicules characterization
Real-time cell analysis - RTCA
Cancer organoids
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Induced pluripotent cell lines
Stable cell lines development
Cell models
Immortalized cell lines development
Cell lines preparation
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Organelles purification

Endoplasmic reticulum
Density gradient separation
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Primary cancer cells
Primary cultures preparation
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