Biosimilars comparison study

FTIR analysis

Service description

Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) is a highly sensitive technique to study structural changes. In this service, it can be used to compare biosimilar candidates with the original molecule. Several critical parameters can be analyzed: their three-dimensional structure, their glycosylation profile, the protein concentration and the concentration of certain excipients such as Tween.

Materials to provide

  • Samples to analyze
  • Description of buffer
  • Sample preparation protocol if applicable

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Typical deliverables

  • Preparation of the samples
  • FTIR analysis
  • Prediction of secondary structure composition
  • Protein concentration (based on number of peptidic bonds)
  • Glycosylation comparisation
  • Excipient concentration
  • Study report
  • Study following the specifications validated with the Expert

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