Antibody humanization by CDR-grafting

42f - Monoclonal Antibody

Service description

The humanization of antibodies reduces the potential immunogenicity of a mouse parental antibody in a human context and increases its stability. These experiments include the integration of variable regions (CDRs) of a "parental" monoclonal antibody into a human immunoglobulin structure and optimizing this integration and then expressing the antibodies. In this service, it is possible to select different options such as sequence optimization or chimeric antibody expression.

Materials to provide

  • Hybridomas expressing the antibodies to humanize
  • Information regarding the hybridomas

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Typical deliverables

  • Antibody sequencing
  • Development of a chimeric antibody
  • Optimisation of sequences
  • Variants production and tests against the chimeric version
  • Production of antibodies best candidates in specified amount
  • Quality control of the production
  • Antibody expression vectors sequenced and provided in desired format
  • Study following the specifications validated with the Expert

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