Molecule-lipid interaction measurement by Langmuir monolayers

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Service description

  • The interaction of molecules with lipids can be measured by the monolayer technique at the water-air interface.
  • Applications: identification of receptors for viruses or bacteria, identification of lipids recognized by pore-forming antibiotics, evaluation of the interaction of amyloid proteins with cellular lipids,...
  • In this technique, lipids are spread on the surface of a drop of aqueous solution at the water-air interface (hydrophobic/lipophilic/apolar part towards air, hydrophilic/polar part towards the water) forming a monolayer. Molecules to be tested are then injected into the aqueous phase and their interaction with the lipid film is monitored by measuring the surface pressure/tension.

Materials to provide

  • Compounds to test.

  • Further details on the project may be requested.
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Typical deliverables

  • Assay set up.
  • Experimentation.
  • Study following the specifications validated with the Expert.
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