Primary cell cultures preparation


Service description

  • Primary cells are isolated directly from the tissues of living organisms (human, rat, etc.) and can be cultured in vitro and can undergo different types of treatment, such as transfection or testing of substances (drugs).
  • These cells have a limited number of cellular divisions and are therefore typically used as models of physiological state in vivo.
  • A large number of primary lines exist, and the culture conditions for each type of line are indicated.

Materials to provide

  • Requirements for cells.

  • Further details on the project may be requested.
  • You will be able to exchange directly with the experts after filling in the form below.

Typical deliverables

  • Frozen vials with a minimum number of cells.
  • Recommendations for culturing and subculturing.
  • Contamination tests result if requested.
  • Safety documents.
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