Specific surface measurement

21o - MS-min

Service description

  • The measurement of the specific surface area of ​​a sample is made from an isotherm obtained by nitrogen adsorption/desorption volumetry at 77K.
  • The specific surface is expressed in m2/g of the sample after degassing from the BET method.
  • The implementation of the t-plot and BJH methods allows an estimation of the porosity of the sample and its distribution (between 8 and 800 Å of opening).

Materials to provide

  • Dry samples.
  • Initial procedures.

  • Further details on the project may be requested.
  • You will be able to exchange directly with the experts after filling in the form below.

Typical deliverables

  • Determination of the specific surface area with the BET method.
  • Determination of microporosity and mesoporosity if required.
  • Excel chart data of physicochemical.
  • Detailed report and experimental curve.
  • Study following the specifications validated with the Expert.

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