Whole transcriptome shotgun sequencing

11.1 - Sequencage-ARN-WGS

Service description

Whole Transcriptome Shotgun Sequencing (WTSS) allows for the detection, the sequence and the quantification of all RNA in a given biological sample. Typical applications of RNA sequencing include analysis of changes in transcriptome (i.e. differences in gene expression), post-transcriptional modifications and detection of mutations. In addition to mRNA, non-coding RNA and short RNA are also sequenced with WTSS.

Materials to provide

  • Samples
  • Proof of samples quality or integrity (Bioanalyzer traces or eq.)

    Further details on the project may be requested.

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Typical deliverables

  • Extraction
  • Library preparation
  • Depletion
  • Sequencing of the samples with number of reads
  • Paired-end reads
  • Download link or a harddrive with raw data and the post-experiment analysis
  • Study following the specifications validated with the Expert

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